About Luana

Dear gentlemen, we are extremely proud to represent you our exclusive VIP Brazilian model Luana! What a beautiful angel this sweet and charming young lady is! Intelligent, warm, friendly , bubbly, perfective! – it’s all about her! Luana is a well-known model and actress, she’s extremely fit and flawlessly presented. Luana’s brilliant background has polished her with excellent manners. Growing in a warm , friendly, closed family, she has a loving and caring soul.
She is really fond of traveling ,and her caring nature and positive attitude make her a perfect companion for any trip , whether it’s luxury Monaco or wild Africa, Luana is a magnificent choice!
This model is definitely high class: Refined, warm, humble and authentic.

What an angel this sweet and endearing young lady is! Intelligent, warm, funny, accomplished – she has it all. A successful model and actress, she’s super fit and flawlessly presented. Her excellent upbringing has polished her with beautiful manners. Her loving soul is all her own. Well traveled and attentive, her caring nature and positive attitude make her a perfect companion and friend. A superb choice; this must be to what they refer when they use the term ‘high class’. Refined, friendly , humble and genuine.

Name: Luana
Age: 22
Height: 176
Weight: 56
Measurements: 91/60/93
Location: London
Languages : English


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